Elegant handmade silverjewelry where no two pieces are the same. Want something unique? Just let us know :)

Who Are We?

We seek inspiration from Icelandic nature and all aspects of our work from design to finished product are Icelandic.

Every single item is made with care and devotion with particular emphasis on artisan-ship resulting in sophisticated piece of art, each possessing a unique story.

Our name is a reference to the SilverEgg which has become the single piece best defining our line of jewelry; Delicate silver pieces which encapsulate a part of Icelandic nature, utilize its form or mirror the mystical beauty of nature.



But who are we, the people behind Frostegg?  Our names are Ari Knörr (ariknorr[at] and Berglind Fanndal Káradóttir (berglind[at] and we are a fun young couple wanting to create interesting things and objects.  We use whatever materials we find interesting at any point in time and we created this website to share our pieces with others.

Our Pieces

We can group our pieces into a few different categories:


– Imagine that one night some eggs were caught outside during a sudden onset of frost.  What we see in the necklaces are the frostchrystals covering the eggs.  You can also see that whatever was inside the egg has turned to stone.  Some have turned to a beautiful black stone and others have become ghosts (the white stones are called Ghoststones).


– During the very short summer we collect leafs from treas and in winter we use indoor plants (like roses and poinsettia (Christmas star), etc) and imprint in silver.  During the process of hardening the silver, the leaf burns so no two pieces are alike.

Berry Clusters

– Come fall you can find many of the mountainsides covered with black and blue berries, blueberries and crowberries.  This was the inspiration for these berry cluster pieces.


– Deep inside some of the dark Icelandic caves you can, if you are lucky, find amazing lava stalagmites (and stalacites).  These stalagmites are quite unique and therefore protected.  They are also the concept behind this line of jewelry, coagulated drops that have morphed into exquisite columns

The coming and going of the Tide

– Here we find beach pebbles, seaweed and ripples.  We travel to the north coast where we pick the pebbles. Partially grinded by the sand and the sea, we finish the process started by nature.  An important part of the process behind every piece of our jewelry is to gather the materials used, simply because we want to know the origin of every single piece.

Icelandic Horse

– The Icelandic Horse plays a valuable role in our daily lives and therefore we found it essential to design and create beautiful jewelry involving items from our good friends. Here we find necklaces with horsehair in various colors as the fantastic range of colors of the Icelandic horse is a unique treasure. In addition to horsehair we create jewelry from horse-teeth we acquire, both front tooth and grinder, creating something unique and fun that is truly different. Please check it out!

– We do offer custom made jewels with horse hair from your favorite Icelandic horse, if you have a specific horse in mind and hair from the mane/tail. Please contact us and let’s see what we can do!

Icelandic Lava

– In Iceland the lava is everywhere we go, so to speak. We have used it for some of our jewels but find it deserving more respect and have therefore designed a group of pieces we simply call Icelandic Lava. The group consist of various pieces of lava of different shapes and sizes, lava cores that have been drilled out and other pieces, adding either silver or copper to make something truly special and beautiful.

– We get our inspirations from the Icelandic nature, therefore the lava we use is of course only Icelandic. Using imported lava would be a scam from our point of view.

Basalt columns

– There are quite a lot of basalt columns in Iceland, and you could say that they are somewhat symbolic for the island.  Basalt columns are not only hexagonal, as you might think, they can have anywhere from four to seven sides.  We play with the different form and shape the basalt columns offer.


– The pieces in this group have a more spiritual reference, some have a religious connection, others are inspired by stories of elves and hidden people or other beings.


We use either pure silver or sterling silver in all our silver pieces.  We oxidize selected pieces to accentuate their character.  With time all silver does oxidize but by using a polishing cloth you can restore their former shine.  We do not recommend using a deoxidizing solution as it will severely affect the silver, the cloth however is safe.

Copper is used in some pieces, primarily with the Icelandic Lava. Copper pieces oxidize just like the silver and are as easily polished in the same manner.

We do not use rhodium for two main reasons.  On the one hand we feel that rhodium alters the look and character of our design.  On the other, and more importantly, rhodium-plating is a very toxic process and that goes against our principles.


We do accept debit and credit cards, if you happen to be in Iceland and would like to pick up your pieces from our home studio.  You can also use bank transfer; please contact us for further information.

Further information regarding payment is to be found under Terms and Conditions.  If you are interested in any of our pieces do not hesitate to contact us: FrostEgg[at]  You can also contact us direct; ari[at] or berglind[at]  We look forward to hear from you.