Terms and Conditions


Company Info:

FrostEgg is owned and operated by Ari Knörr and Berglind Fanndal Káradóttir

Email: frostegg(at)frostegg.com

Frostegg slf

Company ID: 700412-1210

Phones: 899 8833 (Ari) and 862 3344 (Berglind)

VAT nr: 110879

Shipping and Handling

All standard orders are shipped within 3 working days.  Custom orders can take around 2 weeks to ship, depending on orders.  Further information at the time of purchase.

We use Íslandspóstur (Iceland Post).  Domestic shipping is included, delivered to your post office.  Shipping within EU is isk. 2.600,-  All other countries; isk. 3.200,-

If shipping address is not the same as billing address please check the appropriate box at checkout and provide shipping address.  You can also email us with the info, just make sure to include your order number.


We do accept debit and credit cards, if you happen to be in Iceland and would like to pick up your pieces from our home studio.  You can also use bank transfer; please contact us for further information.

Cash payment or credit card: If order is picked up at our home studio you can use cash payment or pay with credit or debit card.
Bank transfer: If order is either picked up or delivered we accept bank transfer. Please contact us for further information.

Return Policy

All orders can be returned and exchanged for another item of an equal or higher value.  Your item must be returned unused and in original packaging.  You can return your order within 15 days of delivery.

The Small Print

FrostEgg is not responsible for inaccurate prices displayed on this webpage.  FrostEgg reserves the right to cancel any orders in case the ordered item was inaccurately priced.

We use either pure silver or sterling silver in all our silver pieces.  We oxadize selected pieces to accentuate their character.  With time all silver does oxadize but by using a polishing cloth you can restore their former shine.  We do not recommend using a deoxadizing solution as it will severely affect the silver, the cloth however is safe.